Our machines

Blasting and painting

In 2014, we finished the new blasting, painting and drying box. It was co-financed from the European Union support program for business and innovation. There are metal hangers for making the manipulation easier. 

It is the passable blasting box with dimensions 6100 x 4400 mm. We are able to gush steel as well as stainless steel too. Abrasive is cleaned by using the magnetic divider system.

The painting is implemented in the combined painting – drying box with dimensions 8000 x 4000 x 4000 mm. We also have an additional drying box with same dimensions. These two are parts the complete painting system. 

The company realizes wet painting.

The blasting, painting and drying system is secured with the effective catching TZL (solid starting materials) and the reduced emission device for roving organic stuff with active carbon.