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Our machines

CNC machining

We offer the complete technological solution and after that machining of design steel, stainless steel materials, aluminum and non-ferrous materials. We suggest the suitable technology including the requested tolerance on the drawings for turning, milling, boring, and making threads by using cutting tools on CNC and classic machines. CNC machines are working according to the program with the opportunity of production repeatability and ensuring high quality of every segment.

The production will be much more effective when we increase the quantity of products, it will be more reliable and the price per one piece will be optimized too. We guarantee the maximum of precision.    

The aluminum machining has some own specifics for tools and procuring right cutting conditions with using corresponding blades.

According to customer drawings, we are able to prepare complete technological solution, drawing processing, right tool offer and price calculation offer.

We are keeping with agreed drawings, working with calibrated measurements after the quality system ISO 9001:2016, so as we realize the high quality product


  • year 2013                                     
  • horizontal milling and drilling machine
  • splintering machining (drilling, milling, thread  cutting) big irotational workpieces board and complicated form from cast iron, steel-cast iron and steel.
  • work surface 3500x2500x1250 mm
  • maximum capacity until 12 000kg


  • year 2011                                            
  • range of axis X,Y,Z – 1500,60,600
  • position number in automatic tools exchanger: 24 tools
  • max capacity load of table surface: 800kg
  • dimension of working surface: 610 x 1810
  • automatic tools system BT 40
  • 6000 revolutions/min


  • year 2020
  • central distance 2900 - 3000 mm
  • touch LCD monitor
  • automatic tool exchanger - 8 positions