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Curing chamber and drying machines Other services


The company is focusing on the production of drying technology for a variety of industrial applications including:

  • The textile industry, including the production of unwoven textiles and geotextiles,
  • The drying machines for paper and timber industry,
  • The glass industry – for example cooling zones, dryers for dry emulsion for the treatment of glass fibre,
  • The drying machines for special drying rooms which are used for powder paint workshops.

Need more information about curing chambers and drying machines? Do not hesitate to contact us

+420 777 479 943

We produce chambers according to the needs and requirements of each producer, with various operational widths and numbers of working sections. This allows the production of insulation boards according to the needs of individual producers


Our most frequently produced dryer, “TEPO” is designed for the production of unwoven textiles, and serves to bind the material by means of mixed thermogranules. “TEPO” is then set to the required temperature, as determined by the textile production technology, depending on the subsequent usage of the material. Once the fibres have been bound by the heat processes in the chamber, the unwoven textile produced can be calibrated to the definite required thickness (and even to a definite, required specific gravity), with the option of adding an extra layer of typical fabric, or sheet, on top of or below the unwoven textile.    


For every producer insulation materials from mineral wools we produced special curing chambers where the formaldehyde resins are hardened by temperatures around 260° C and in this time there come up insulating boards with fantastic thermally-acoustic features.


Boards are cut into required proportions after expiry through the curing chambers. In this chamber is possible to produce boards about different thicknesses in interval from 20 mm to 200 mm. Boards can produce in some widths for example in interval from  1000 mm to 2500 mm.

This curing chamber is usually gas-fired – propane butane, natural gas or coal-gas, and it could be heating with petrolic or oily burner.


Technical parameters of the finished boards 

Maximum carpet width

2,000 mm

Panel length

500; 600; 1,000 and 1200 mm

Panel thickness

30 - 200 mm and above

Minimum weight per volume

35 kg / m3

Maximum weight per volume

200 kg / m3

Gas burners in accordance

with the EU standards

Average diameter:

no less than 50 microns

Acidity module:

more than 1.5