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Production engineering and cooperation Other services

The welded constructions, hydraulic switchboards, metal plate adaptation an single and twin-headed mechanical winding off reels for loom factories belongs to another company activities (Bending rolls, Hydraulic Box &Pan, Hand operating Box &Pan Guillotines). We produce also a number of specialist products, for example tailors’ weft materials and others.

Welding construction

The welding robot Panasonic VR – 0062 is included in our machine park. It is able to weld CO parts until maximum dimension 2250 x 1050 mm. The steel and stainless steel welding process, except the machine welding, is realized by our capable welders. They have EN certificates or ASME. We are using welding methods MIG, MAG, TIG/WIG.

For welding, we take the modern welding aggregate FRONIUS and ALFA. Argon or CO distribution is centralized. 


We offer production of under-sets investment complex for territory:

  • mineral wools line
  • cooling lines
  • hydraulic and pneumatic switchboards
  • electrical appliances assembly
  • agriculture technology
  • metal plate panels production for electrical distributors and machine covering
  • isolation board (including welding and surface finishing)

Are you interested in working with us? Do not hesitate to contact us

+420 777 479 943

Single and twin-headed mechanical winding off reels for loom factories

Bending Rolls

Hydraulic Box & Pan Folding Machines

Hand Operated Box & Pan Folding Machines


Bending Rolls - Robust pyramid Bending Rolls for tapping of metal plate:

They are equipped with a gear on upper and lower roll, brake and emergency switch in front of and at the back of machine; hand spiral setting with scale from overhead machine, upper roll is equipped by roller bearing for improvement of tap light materials and double foot switch.

Hydraulic Box & Pan

Models HBP range of popular Box and Pan Folders are a hydraulically powered progression from our BP manual machines, providing increased speed and productivity. As an easy to use, versatile machine they are a cost effective alternative to our Press Brakes and ideal for jobbing workshops. The favorite model is 100” (2540 mm), which has now capacity 1/8“(3, 2 mm) normal steal.

Hand Operated Box & Pan

We offer an inexpensive variety of Hand Operated industry Box & Pan. The blades are precision machines for inter-changeability and alignment, important when folding decorative materials.


An inexpensive foot operated treadle shear, popular in schools. It provides a simple and accurate method of cutting up to 1,6 mm mild steel and equivalent tensile strength materials. A bar type hold down grips the material and is returned with the treadle by a gas spring. Guarded for safety, it is supplied complete with front and back gauge.